How to be romantic and attract the other sex

25 Apr

It is all about small and simple things. In spite of the fact that they are small, these gestures mean a lot because they show how much you care your beloved. It is very important to make your partner feel special and loved. This can be done in various ways. Some feel loved when they are cuddled or told regularly that they are loved. Some like love in gestures and attentions. Understand the needs of your partner and work on them. Try something new and see their reactions. This will help you in evolving new ways to make your beloved feel loved.

There can be many simple ways to show romance. A good love letter, an e-mail romance or a text message of love will can prove you romantic. Give your loved one a compliment on their appearance. You can make a long list of reasons why you love your partner, frame it and give it to them. You can also call your loved one in the middle of the day and recite a poem of love. If your partner needs regular physical touch to feel loved, you should touch or kiss them. You can also give them spontaneous hugs; put your arms around them in public or hold their hands while walking. Do not forget to kiss them when you go home and kiss before leaving. Surprise your partner with a candlelight dinner with flowers all around you. Send them bouquet of flowers with love quotes. These small attentions help you in building a good romantic life.


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